Goats and Lamb

It's true that goats will eat many of the plants that cattle will not, but they are not the tin-can-eating garbage disposals you heard about as a child.  Goats are smart.  Underestimate them and they'll prove this fact to you the hard way.  What you think a goat needs and what a goat actually needs can be two very different things. However, the importance of goats on the landscape is not lost on us!  Goats eat plants that the cattle often won't eat.  At Earth Wisdom farm we utilize goats and lambs to balance the impact on the pasture across all species of plants.  If we didn't, the cattle would eat all the grass and we would be left with a pasture of woody bushes and trees.  As new leaves begin to burst from buds in the spring, the goats begin their work.  They consume copious amounts of box elder, buckthorn, blackberry, rose bushes, and goldenrod.  Because we never feed grain to our goats or lambs (they are weaned on grain before they come to us) many people tell us the flavor is comparable to venison!  If you have never had goat before, it has a distinct flavor similar to lamb but a bit stronger.