Earth Wisdom Farm

is a partnership between landowner and land managers. The vision for the farm as a soil building, animal producing, self-sustaining business was initiated by landowner RedHeart. RedHeart envisioned a business and teaching model that would allow landowners to provide new/young farmers a safe entry into the farming world. With land costs skyrocketing farm land is becoming increasingly difficult to find at affordable prices. The complimentary nature of the Earth Wisdom Farm model has provided RedHeart with managers who devote themselves to what they term "restoration (or regenerative) agriculture" without having to front the costs of purchasing expensive acreage.

Laura and Josh Smith manage the farm. In late 2016 they decided together that pursuing a familial career in farming was important to their shared goals and values. Issues like climate change, animal welfare, human to land relationship, species diversity and conservation all appear to be inextricably linked with the issues of food and water security, human welfare, and even continued human existence. Regenerative farming, with a specific focus on reducing negative impacts of farming on local ecosystems felt (and continues to feel) like a way to contribute positively to these same issues.

Without personal capital to invest in acreage and through chance alone (or through deeper connections if you prefer not to believe in chance) RedHeart and Josh were able to contact one another. Upon visiting the landscape and discussing the potential to build soil, raise animals, and model a different farm Josh and Laura were excited to begin their work. Luckily RedHeart was excited too, and we began working to build Earth Wisdom Farm.

In 2019 we're raising chicken, rabbit, steers, goat, lamb, pigs, and turkeys.